Fast- accurate- flexible

Applying the latest technology, we have introduced a completely new forward observer instrument for fast, precise and reliable target detection, identification, location and fire correction.   The Simrad LP10TL s the key component in the FOI 2000 system. THe system has a modular approach where the system is customized to requirements of each mission. System components are:

  • FTI Thermal Imager, FLIR Systems new high performance FTI with dual FOV.
  • Gonio Light by Vectronix, electronic goniometer 
  • MK11-7 North finding gyro by Diehl, option to deliver precise azimuth reference.  

Termal image and Man Machine Interface (MMI) is shown in left ocular in LP10TL. (Thermal image is shown only when Thermal Imager is attached.) The user interface is intuitive, running on a Windows CE platform.

The system is designed to interface with external units like field terminals, radios, GPS or monitors.

The system is developed in close cooperation with FLIR Systems and Vectronix creating a system with seamless integration of the different components

  • Modular
  • Eyesafe laser
  • Embedded computer
  • High-resolution display (VGA)
  • Menu driven
  • Integral digital magnetic compass
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rugged
  • External communication with goniometers, field terminals, gyros etc.
  • Hand-held or tripod mountable
  • Optional integrated GPS
  • Optional integrated digital camera
  • Optional integrated laser pointer
  • Night-vision capability (add on)
  • Internal battery charger

  • Connector for external power and data communication

  • Easily upgraded/customized software

  • Dual magnification (7x &12x)

  • Reticule illumination